Natural Sisal Cat Scratching Mat

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Are you tired of your cat scratching at the carpet?  Does he/she always seem to leave a hole in your doorway?

Give your cat a rug they can scratch on!  use in front of the litter box and it can also help keep your cat from tracking the liter allover the house.

  • Small Size is 11.8 X 15.7 Inches, and weighs 10.6 oz
  • Medium Size is 11.8 X 19.7 Inches, and weighs 14.7 oz
  • Large Size is 15.7 X 19.7 Inches, and weighs 19.1 oz
  • X Large Size is 15.7 X 23.6 Inches, and weighs 22.1 oz
  • Price is for 1 mat, and comes in a random color.
  • Due to high demand, this product may take up to 45 days for delivery.